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Volunteers log time on the go. Coordinators manage, approve and report.

Simple APP for Volunteers

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Volunteers use this simple, fun app to see upcoming events, sign up for events and add to calendars, log hours in real time from anywhere, add comments, share on Facebook and other social networks, see history, total hour and rewards points, use reward points to buy rewards, receive email reminders, compete with friends, progress by levels, recieve reports for community and school requirements.

Volunteer "Connect" App

Information on your Mobile Phone!

  • See your history of activities, hours, and points. 
  • Don't miss an event! Receive notifications!  
  • Share on Facebook and other Social Networks. 

Time Saving Administration

Coordinators and Administrators

Branded for your organization, the "Connect Admin" tool allows you to customize activities, rewards, point levels and reminders. Schedule your activities, send out reminders and track participation. Approve new sign-ups, time submissions and rewards requests quickly on an easy to use dashboard. Manage reward product fulfillment. Get feedback from your volunteers and see realtime submissions. Keep track of your events and volunteers, service hours with filtered reporting and exportable data.

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Administration made easy!

  • Email Notifications for all Activity Approval 
  • Customize for Your Organizations Needs 
  • Engage with Facebook and other Social Networks 

Dashboard and Reporting

  • Dashboard

    See recent activities and approve new users, times submissions, rewards requests on one simple to use screen.

  • Administration management

    Organize volunteers, events, and rewards. Manage all upcoming events, notifications, rewards submissions and inventory. Customize groups, teams, schools, grades for better reporting. Track community and service hours.

  • Better Reporting

    Robust reports available for better insight in volunteer hours, event participation, group involvement and rewards effectiveness. High level and detail reports both available. Integration with existing databases and downloads available for use in statistical software.

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